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MULTI-PLASTICS is striving to make a positive impact on future generations through responsible environmental, economic, and social behaviors throughout the worldwide communities we impact by embracing corporate sustainability programs and developing innovative green products.

Look for the EnviroSafe logo on our products that are eco-efficient options which do not compromise on product processibility or performance.

May 31, 2012

California Senate Bill No. 567 Disclaimer

California law prohibits the sale of plastic bags or plastic food and beverage containers labeled with the terms: biodegradable, degradable, decomposable, compostable, home compostable or marine degradable or any form of those terms that may imply in any way the bag or container will break down in a landfill or other environment unless it meets certain ASTM standards outlined in the Bill.  Beginning in January 2013, this law will apply to all plastic products sold in California.  More details and information with respect to the requirements of California law can be found at:

Multi-Plastics, Inc. supports initiatives that prevent greenwashing.   However, we feel this law is anti-competitive and kills other scientifically recognized technologies regarding the biodegradability of plastic products.  Nonetheless, we must recommend not labeling with these terms in accordance with this California law if your products are sold in the state of California.

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