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EWF 2010 LDLJ is the next generation in the evolution of envelope window films from your partners in performance, Multi-Plastics, Inc. EWF 2010 LDLJ replaces our now famed industry standard EWF 2001 LDLJ. Although all EWF products are designed to provide the clearest most readable path for postal automation do do its job, EWF 2010 LDLJ offers improved performance over previous versions and has been specifically engineered to dust less, and be more scratch resistant while offering better mechanical bond properties.

EWF 2010 LDLJ can help envelope manufacturers meet today's challenging demand for keeping up with maximum machine speeds no matter what the window configuration. From vacuum transfer all the way through the entire USPS automated sorting process, EWF 2010 LDLJ provides a benefit to everyone involved in a window envelope; the manufacturer, the mailer, and the USPS automated sorting process.

EWF 2010 LDLJ was engineered to be more scratch-resistant, dust less, provide better gluing properties while exhibiting the proper balance of haze, reflectance, and gloss, which are all the physical properties required today for mailers to achieve maximum postal automation throughput. Available in thicknesses of .00105", .00115", .00125", .00150", and .002".

Short Description:
A low cost matte film with excellent low dust, low scratch characteristics, designed for use in standard commercial envelopes.
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