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LEWIS CENTER, OH – January 4, 2013 – MULTI-PLASTICS, INC. introduces EZTear™, a laminated pouch structure for use in easy open stick packs or similar flexible packaging applications.  This laminated structure addresses the mechanical aspects regarding tear initiation and control of tear across the pouch in a more economical option compared to currently used products.  EZTear™ provides an easy open pouch without using expensive laser scoring to assist with tear initiation or propagation.

EZTear™ offers easy tear initiation, excellent printability, good stiffness, high burst strength and puncture resistance.  This product is ideal for end use markets including powder dry goods (very fine to granular), wet goods or liquids, medical, nutraceutical, or cosmetics.  Additionally, this structure includes DiversaSeal® sealant technology which enables the customer to use one structure across multiple applications.

For over five years, MULTI-PLASTICS has been continually offering innovative laminated structures for surface printable applications including paper-faced, polyester-faced, and an earlier version of an easy tear option.  “This patent pending technology will revolutionize the easy tear market.  End users will no longer have to struggle to open convenient single serve, on the go products,” says David Parsio, Product Manager and Inventor.

MULTI-PLASTICS, INC. is an international converter/distributor of thin gauge plastic film to the envelope, carton, printing, and packaging markets.  MULTI-PLASTICS EXTRUSIONS, INC., a division of MULTI-PLASTICS, INC., manufactures the face stock that provides the easy tear qualities.

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