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LEWIS CENTER, OH – October, 2011 – For over 32 years, MULTI-PLASTICS, INC. has dedicated itself to solving film processing problems through product innovation.  Since 2008, MULTI-PLASTICS has been constantly improving its EnviroSafe® line of eco-efficient films.  In September, MULTI-PLASTICS received third party validation that its EnviroSafe EWF® 22DG, polystyrene envelope window film, will biodegrade according to ASTM D6954 guidelines.

The core philosophy of the EnviroSafe® line is having products that will not compromise on product performance, processability, or aesthetic appearance.  Therefore, EnviroSafe EWF® 22DG is recyclable within all existing waste recovery channels, performs the same in envelope production as standard polystyrene, has postal approval for use in automation discounting, and offers better yields than other eco-options.  This is all in addition to its environmental contribution of being biodegradable.

MULTI-PLASTICS strongly supports the recycling community and their efforts.  However, with composting and recycling still not available in many parts of our world, EnviroSafe EWF® 22DG can provide a real life solution to addressing the realities of actual disposal environments.

For more info visit our EWF page.

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