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Carton&Window Film Carton Window Film
Evnvelope Envelope Window Film
Tag & Label Films Tag & Label Films
Flexible Packaging Flexible Packaging
Lidding Films Lidding Films
Sheet Fed Print On-v2 Sheet Fed Print On
Thermoforming Thermoforming
Specialty OPS Specialty OPS
Jindal Jindal Films
Laminated Pouch Laminated Pouch
Heat Seal Films Heat Seal Films
Shrink Films Shrink Films


Multi-Plastics is a full-service, vertically integrated company from polymerization and extrusion to roll slitting and sheet converting to global distribution.

Multi-Plastics Extrusions acquired in 2010, has the firepower and technical expertise to provide custom extruded OPS, PET, and PP to meet the requirements of any film application need.  With ten extrusion assets, we can tailor a film to meet the cost needs of the marketplace.

From our own polymerization facility in our Hazleton, PA facility, to our in-house research and development lab, our Extrusions division has the technical expertise required to be on the leading edge of film extrusion.

Producing in excess of three million pounds of converted plastic films monthly from six North American operations and one European-based converting facility, Multi-Plastics has the horsepower and reach to meet any global manufacturer’s scale needs.  With more than twenty-five slitting assets globally, we are positioned to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Whether your scale is one roll or truck load quantities, you can count on the Multi-Plastics team to make the difference.

Operating from seven converting facilities globally, Multi-Plastics has been a partner with premier manufactures to distribute plastics films with custom requirements since its inception in 1979.  

Providing custom tailored solutions to meet the service demands of our brand owners, and precision slitting and sheeting capabilities to meet the market’s technical processing requirements.

With over 3 million pounds of films converted monthly, with over 75% shipping within 3 days of date of order, count on Multi-Plastics to tailor a distribution solution to meet your unique needs.

The MPX lab in Hazleton, PA provides sales and manufacturing support services that encompass a broad range of quality control and product development activities. Film and sheet samples provided by manufacturing are routinely analyzed for physical properties and appearance. The staff’s extensive product and process experience allows R&D to provide hands on support to manufacturing, simplifying the film development process. This expertise and understanding of the lab’s equipment speeds the many steps it takes to analyze a sample.

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